About Lanny Fisher
Attorney at Law

Who is Lanny Fisher?

Lanny Running Lanny Fisher was born and raised in Buchanan. After his graduation from Buchanan High in 1987, Fisher earned a degree in Business Management from Western Michigan University. He later went on to graduate in 2005 from the Ave Maria Law School in Ann Arbor with a law degree.

He worked for Judge Michael E. Dodge as a law clerk in the Cass County Circuit Court and also spend time as an associate attorney with the law firm Hadsell, Landgraf, Lynch and Drew in Niles.

Lanny Fisher has opened his own practice on the second floor of Kevin Barker’s building where he practices and specializes in family and criminal law. Working around the clock, Fisher’s office is open by appointment.

Our Mission

Lanny Fisher will maintain a steadfast commitment to providing his clients with a consistently high level of defense representation and service.

Our firm is committed to providing our clients with professional, responsive, and courteous treatment from all of our staff members. Mr. Fisher will continue to strive for excellence in his professional work, client relations, and personal growth.

He will continue his history of providing a work culture where equal opportunity and advancement is available to all of our employees regardless of sex, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic background.

We will remain competitive in the constantly changing market for defense legal services by creating and implementing innovative and effective methods of providing cost-effective, quality representation and services for our clients. We will continue to meet and strive to exceed the expectations of our valued clients.